Aaron Falvey is an award-winning Director and Producer who was born and raised in Blenheim, New Zealand. He has been passionate about film-making since the
age of nine when his friend’s parents bought a handy-cam, and Aaron and his friends spent their weekends making short home movies. Ever since then Aaron
has been inspired to become a film director.

Aaron has been working for the New Zealand Defence Force as a Video Producer since 2006 and has produced a substantial number of videos, most notably a 26
minute Royal New Zealand Air Force Documentary which the RNZAF use nationwide to recruit new personnel.

Aaron has also been involved in numerous film productions as either a director or producer. He is best known for his work on the films Alone (2014), Outer Darkness (2014), award-winning short film The Flame (2015), and Ascendance (2018). Aaron has been developing his first feature film as director,
‘Battle Clearing’ for production in late 2018. He is also developing a second, ‘Sector 681’ for possible production in 2019.

Aaron is the co-founder of Top of the South Film Production Society which was formed in October 2015. The society is a collective group of filmmakers from the
Nelson and Marlborough region all with the same goal of forming a critical mass and making great films. Aaron is the President of the society and his vision is to
establish a thriving film industry in the region to create employment opportunities for both cast and crew.

Aaron is also the co-founder of the Top of the South Film Festival which nurtures local film-making talent and raises money for the Society so members can make
more films.

Aaron also founded the Blenheim Filmmakers group which was established in 2012. The group consists of a large number of Blenheim-based filmmakers who
meet on a monthly basis and are actively involved in making films in the region. This is a ‘first step’ for entry level filmmakers to take before joining the society.